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Partner with Mothership Materials to create value from your waste.
Trace™ can be installed anywhere* in the world.

*yes, anywhere... on a roof, on a boat, and even in a cargo container.

Ingredients Companies

You already produce an ingredient, but don’t know how to unlock more value from your biomass waste.

We install Trace units at your location, to capture new ingredients and feedstocks, reduce your environmental impact, and add new revenue streams.

Agricultural Producers

You are an agricultural producer with high volume waste (from the likes of grapes, hemp, olives, dates, corn) and bear the cost and logistics burden from its disposal. 

We deploy and operate Trace units on-site to find valuable ingredients from your waste. You will spend less for disposal and become more environmentally responsible with your production.


Personal Care Brands

Traceability is an industry problem. Nobody really knows where ingredients come from. Mothership Materials supports brands in establishing traceability at every level – design, formula, ingredients, production, and impact.

Create, innovate with, and re-formulate your products using Trace. You’ll be working alongside the most experienced team of product developers, materials scientists and sustainability experts.

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